Releasing the potential of ICT for sustainable milk and beef cattle value chains

Dairy and beef value chains have been subject to rapid technological and economic changes, and new societal pressures due to their greenhouse gas emissions, increasing concerns about antimicrobial resistance and animal welfare, and changing diets of consumers. ICT can help to increase the efficiency of milk and beef production, improve the farm and value chain management practices, and create new business opportunities and new business models. More and better quality data and improved access to data can help to detect animal health and welfare issues sooner and provide new solutions for variety of stakeholders.


The project concentrates on the barriers, challenges and new opportunities of animal health and welfare related ICT in dairy and beef sector.

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SustainIT will be implemented through Living Labs and three interconnected focal themes –  animal health and welfare data, business model development and the role of public sector.

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Living Labs operationalize the concept of open innovation in which novel solutions are found through co-creation of relevant stakeholders.

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