Projekti aruanded

AP. 1 Eluslaborid (AP1)

D1.1. Working paper on structural and operational characteristics of Living Lab framework and co-learning process.

D1.2. Working paper on overall Living Lab outcomes from partner countries, highlighting necessary actions and strategies to enhance collaborations in terms of ICT innovations in animal health and welfare.

AP2. Veiste tervise ja heaolu andmed

D2.1 Report on data availability.

D2.2 Working paper on current data collection technologies and promising new innovations.

D2.3 Working paper on existing data exchange, and barriers, opportunities and solutions to further use of data.

AP3. Ärimudelite arendus

D3.1 Working paper on consumer and social demands.

D3.2 Working paper on barriers and business opportunities for ICT solutions.

D3.3 Working paper on ICT empowered business models in milk and beef value chains.

AP4. Avaliku sektori koostoime

D4.1. Report on actions to create agro-food data pools in the partner countries.

D4.2. Working paper on use of animal health and welfare data by public sector.

D4.3. Report on recommendations for creating supportive ICT innovation ecosystem.

AP5. Tulemuste levitamine ning rakendamine

D5.1 Communication and Dissemination Strategy.

D5.2 Updated Data Management Plan.

D5.3. Uudiskirjad
Uudiskiri #1

AP6. Koordineerimise- ja juhtimistegevused