The project brings together consortium members with very specific expertise on technology, agri-food value chains, innovation management, governance and policy. With their unique national and transnational networks and knowledge, partners will complement each other expertise and help to explore ICT adoption in transnational context. 

Estonian University of Life Sciences​

Lead: WP6 (Coordination and Management); WP 4 (Public Sector Interactions)

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Lead: WP1 (Living Labs); co-lead: WP 3 (Business Development)

University of Oulu

Lead: WP2 (Animal Health and Welfare Data); co-lead WP5 (Dissemination and Exploitation)

Halmstad University

Lead: WP3 (Business development); co-lead WP1 (Living Labs)

Estonian Dairy Cluster

Lead: WP5 (Dissemination and Exploitation); co-lead WP2 (Animal Health and Welfare Data);